You count on your air conditioning system to keep you cool on the hottest of days in New Orleans. If you’re worried about the system dying when you need it the most, keep an eye out for a few symptoms. There are four common signs that you need an air conditioner repair.

Odd Odors

Malfunctioning air conditioners often emit an odd odor. If you smell a musty aroma, it can be an indication of a water leak. Dirty sock smells usually indicate that your evaporator has a problem. If you smell smoke, then usually the circuit board has an issue, or the fan motor is burning up.

Hot Air

An air conditioning system won’t do you much good if it only blows hot air. If your air conditioner is refusing to blow cold air, then the refrigerant may be leaking. Alternatively, your compressor may have an issue and need repairs or replacing.

Weird Noises

If you hear a weird noise coming from your air conditioner at your New Orleans home or business, do not ignore it. This issue will only get worse. If you hear a screeching sound when the unit turns on, then turn the unit off to prevent further damage as your air conditioner compressor probably needs attention. If your air conditioner is blowing only warmish air, check, the condensation line for a blockage. A squealing noise usually means that your fan belt is misaligned or needs replacing.

High Electric Bills

If your electric bill has suddenly surged, then your malfunctioning air conditioner may be the culprit. Getting a professional air conditioner tune-up often solves this problem, and it may pay for itself in savings.

If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned problems, contact Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling. We can get your air conditioner in New Orleans working right again.

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