Maybe you can change an air filter like a pro, but furnace repair requires more skill in order to be safe. When the furnace in your Southshore, LA home needs a repair, it’s time to call a certified HVAC technician. These are the top four hazards associated with DIY furnace repair that should convince you to call for an expert.

Start a Fire

An improperly maintained furnace is a fire hazard. If you don’t have the knowledge to spot potential fire hazards, you could overlook serious problems.

An HVAC technician can see issues such as faulty wiring and pilot light issues. Even if you catch these concerns, you likely don’t have the skill to make the repair. Attempting these repairs on your own increases the risk of starting a fire.

Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can cause unconsciousness, disorientation and death. A botched DIY furnace repair can release carbon monoxide without you realizing it.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible. The leak won’t become obvious until symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning become clear.

The High Cost of Correcting a DIY Attempt

The cost to correct your failed DIY repair could be double the amount of the original repair. Your DIY attempt could even make the original problem much worse. Save money by contacting a professional HVAC technician to do the job right.

Void the Furnace Warranty

DIY repair work voids a furnace warranty. Unless a professional does the repair work, the HVAC company won’t honor the warranty. That means you’ll have to pay repair costs out of pocket.

Contact Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling today for furnace repair in Southshore, LA. Our professional HVAC technicians will make sure your furnace is safe and works as it should.

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