If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that residential air conditioners in New Orleans, LA, and the surrounding communities get a workout. In addition to providing the TLC your system needs to ensure it keeps working properly, air conditioning maintenance stems the flow of dollars from your checkbook. Here are three ways an HVAC maintenance plan saves you money.

Reduces Repair Costs

Research shows that with annual service, homeowners can prevent nearly 70 percent of emergency service calls. A proactive approach to AC maintenance enables you to catch problems while they’re still small. Although you might have a repair bill for replacement parts, it will be minor compared to the hefty price you’ll pay if you have a major malfunction. Plus, you’ll get a discount on repair costs regardless of which one of our maintenance plans you choose.

Keeps Energy Costs in Check

When your air conditioner operates smoothly and efficiently, it uses less energy to cool your New Orleans home. Studies show that HVAC maintenance can cut your energy costs by up to 40 percent. If your monthly electric bill is close to Louisiana’s average of $138, you could save more than $660 a year by committing to a regular maintenance schedule.

Delays The Need to Buy A New System

By immediately making repairs and preventing breakdowns, you reduce the wear and tear on your cooling equipment. Less wear and tear means that your air conditioner will have a longer and more efficient life. When you compare the cost of having to replace your system prematurely vs. regular air conditioning maintenance, maintenance wins hands down.

Investing in basic air conditioning maintenance is a straightforward way to enhance your comfort and protect your pocketbook. To learn more about what we include in the AC maintenance plans we offer at Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling, check out our HVAC maintenance services or call (504) 517-7595 (North Shore residents) or (504) 517-7595 (South Shore residents).

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