Poor quality sleep affects your concentration and productivity. An HVAC system impacts your sleep by controlling humidity levels, temperature and indoor air quality. Below we will explain how HVAC systems can affect sleep in Northshore, LA.

Noise Levels

Typically, HVAC systems operate with minimal sounds that do not cause any disturbance. However, faulty components may cause the system to produce loud noises that can interrupt your sleep.

Some common noises that indicate your system has a problem include banging, hissing, gurgling and buzzing. Consider seeking a technician’s help immediately if you hear unusual noises to prevent further damage to the HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality

Contaminants linger in your indoor air space, lowering indoor air quality. These contaminants may include pet dander, pollen, dust and volatile organic compounds from cleaning supplies. The pollutants may interrupt deep sleep by causing sneezing, dry throat and nasal blockage.

An HVAC system steps in to eliminate these contaminants by trapping them using an air filter. Consider changing your air filter regularly to enable your HVAC system to catch these contaminants efficiently.

In addition, you can invest in energy recovery ventilators to replace the stale indoor air with fresh air from outside. Air cleaners and purifiers also clean your indoor air, enabling you to enjoy uninterrupted deep sleep.


You may find it difficult to sleep when your house is too cold in the colder months or too hot during the hotter months. An HVAC system regulates your indoor temperatures to your liking, creating a suitable environment for you to catch some sleep.

System breakdowns may affect its ability to regulate your indoor temperatures efficiently. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance helps to keep your system operating optimally.

Contact Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling for professional HVAC services in the Northshore area. Our technicians will ensure your system is regulating temperatures and indoor air quality optimally, allowing you to enjoy your sleep.

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