Keeping cool in your Harvey, Louisiana, home is important as the summer temperatures continue to regularly reach into the 90’s. While running your AC unit is a necessity during the summer, a few simple changes from light bulbs, to air filters, to chore schedules can help keep your home cool and keep your AC unit from working harder than it should.

Ditch Your Incandescent Lights

When you switch your incandescent lights to CFLs or even LED bulbs, you will not only reduce the overall energy use in your home but also eliminate much of the heat that your lighting gives off. It might not feel like much, but every bit of heat counts when you’re trying to stay cool.

Regularly Change Your Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter restricts the flow of air through your AC unit. When the airflow is impaired, your system will have to use much more energy than it needs to cool the room down to an appropriate temperature. Air filters should be changed once a month or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Use Appliances at Night When Possible

The appliances in your home give off a lot of heat when in use and also can result in higher energy bills when they are used during peak energy times. When you can, run your appliances such as the dryer and dishwasher at night. Instead of using the oven or stove, consider grilling outdoors.

Ensure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

Many homeowners don’t think about the insulation in their home outside of the winter months, but having good insulation is crucial for energy savings year-round. In the summer months, having a well-insulated home can help keep the hot air out and keep your conditioned air inside where it belongs. Find places where there might be drafts or areas where insulation may be damaged and have them inspected to make sure you have enough.

Try the tips above to keep your house cool and your summer utility bill lower. Want to find more ways to run your system more efficiently? Contact us at (504) 517-7595 today. One of our Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling specialists will help find solutions for your home.

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