In 2015, 20 new end uses were added to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s residential energy survey. This expanded list of energy end uses reflects the many modern uses of electricity that have become commonplace in today’s homes. As the number of electric appliances that New Orleans homeowners use grows, it makes more and more sense to consider smart home automation to conveniently manage that bank of home appliances and save money by creating a more energy-efficient home.

Start with HVAC Energy Efficiency

Improving energy-efficiency while automating indoor climate control is easy to do with Wi-Fi enabled thermostat technology. Some smart thermostats offer all the features you need to keep your home comfortable and more energy-efficient. You’ll be able to control your home’s comfort from any Wi-Fi-enabled device like your smartphone or tablet with an easy-to-understand app. These smart home system thermostats are the beginning of controlling many other areas of your home.

Advance to Lights, Electric Appliance Control and More

Smart home system thermostats typically include a hub that allows you to control interior and exterior lights, turns your outlets into sensors that let you remotely control appliances and much more. Smart systems like these control lights, doors, windows, and appliances — including water heaters. The system’s leak detection technology and smart shut-off valve help protect your home from expensive water damage.

Smart Automation Lets You Control All of the Above & More

Smart home system thermostats can do a great deal more than these basics, such as connecting with your video camera to provide a live, real-time feed for better home security.

Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling offers smart home system thermostats, bringing the power of automation into virtually every corner of your home. For further information about this state-of-the-art smart technology, visit our Smart Home Automation page, or call our office: Northshore (504) 517-7595 or Southshore (504) 613-5188.

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