Short-cycling is one of the most frequently seen problems in air conditioning systems. It’s also one of the most harmful since it’s capable of causing permanent damage to your entire heating and cooling system. Read on to discover more about short-cycling and how it damages the AC system in your Mandeville, LA, home.

What Is Short-Cycling?

The term “short-cycling” refers to the pattern of operation your HVAC system falls into during which it starts up and shuts off repeatedly, in an attempt to cool down your home to meet the setting of the thermostat. The system activates its compressor, running until it reaches the temperature that the thermostat is set to, then powering off. The problem occurs when the compressor shuts off before the completion of the cooling cycle, resulting in the process repeating almost immediately and over again.

The Causes of Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is an indication that a bigger problem exists. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a clogged air filter. Other times, however, the problem is more serious, such as:

  • A refrigerant leak resulting in low charge
  • Thermostats misreading temperatures because they are in need of recalibration.
  • Leaks in the system’s ventilation system allowing air to escape
  • An air conditioning system that is either too small or too large for the area it’s trying to keep cool

How Short-Cycling Affects Your AC System

Regardless of the cause, short cycling itself has a damaging effect on your HVAC system. This is because when the compressor is in operation, the system uses more power than at any other time, so when the compressor is continuously starting up due to a system issue, a great deal of energy is being wasted. Another problem is that the constant activity will cause the system to become overworked, resulting in undue strain and eventual shutdown of the entire HVAC system.

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