When summer hits, your air conditioner has some serious work ahead to keep your New Orleans, LA home comfortable. Anything you can do to make it easier for your AC system to do its job will be time, effort and money well spent. Here are a few tips for boosting your air conditioning system’s efficiency this summer:

Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Follow your manufacturer’s directions for cleaning or replacing your AC air filter on a regular basis, typically every 30 to 60 days. A clean filter can mean the difference between an optimally functioning air conditioner and one that simply doesn’t work as well as it should. This simple task can greatly impact your family’s comfort, your system’s energy efficiency, the quality of the air inside your home and the wear and tear on your AC system.

Try a Little Do-It-Yourself AC Maintenance

To get the most from your system when the hot weather hits, completing a few additional DIY maintenance tasks will put your AC equipment in better shape for the challenges ahead:

  • Make sure registers and return air vents are kept clean and are not blocked by furniture or other objects.
  • Check to see that your outdoor unit is clean and unobstructed by vegetation or debris.
  • Ensure that your air conditioner’s condensate drain line remains clear.
  • Monitor your system’s performance, so you’ll know when you need to call a professional.

Start the Season with a Professional Tune Up

Making sure your AC system receives a tune up on a regular basis is one of the best ways of ensuring its effective ongoing operation. Professional maintenance also helps increase energy efficiency, reduce wear and tear on the system and keep your family more comfortable.

If you need guidance on DIY AC system care or would like to schedule a professional AC tune-up, call Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling. Our AC experts have been keeping local families cool since 2008.

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