Heat pump systems fall under three categories: undersized, oversized or correctly sized. Your heat pump’s size will affect the system’s ability to regulate temperatures efficiently. Below, we will discuss why heat pump sizing matters in Harahan, LA.

Energy Efficiency

Your main home objective is to reduce utility costs. Unfortunately, you may not achieve this objective with an oversized or undersized heat pump.

An oversized heat pump starts more often than usual, a phenomenon called short cycling. This is because the system’s temperature regulation capabilities exceed your home’s needs.

Usually, a heat pump’s compressor consumes lots of energy when it starts. Therefore, if the component starts more times than it should, you will notice an increase in your energy bill.

An undersized heat pump runs continuously because your house’s temperature regulation demands exceed the heat pump’s capabilities. Running constantly means your system will consume more energy than a unit that operates in cycles.

On the other hand, a correctly sized heat pump runs in cycles. Each cycle lasts 15 to 20 minutes, and the unit runs two to three cycles each hour. This helps to ensure your system keeps you comfortable without inflating the energy bill.

Repair Expenses

Short cycling increases the strain on your heat pump’s components. Your heat pump will also break down often if it runs continuously.

Frequent breakdowns inflate your repair expenses. A correctly sized heat pump will have fewer breakdowns because its parts are not under excessive strain.

Temperature Distribution

An oversized heat pump does not take the time to distribute temperatures evenly in your living space because it shuts down too soon. As a result, you will have some rooms that are cooler than others during the hotter months.

If you have an undersized heat pump, it cannot meet your temperature regulation needs, meaning there will be hot and cold spots in your house. A correctly sized system distributes temperatures evenly in your house since its capabilities match your house’s cooling load during the warmer months.

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