Did you know that your comfort and well-being inside your Northshore, LA home ties in heavily to the indoor humidity levels? Though you might think the most important comfort factor is the temperature in your home, humidity levels often play as much a role in the equation than you might expect. Here are five reasons why controlling humidity in your home is important for both your health and comfort.


Much of your furniture is highly susceptible to damage caused by incorrect indoor humidity levels. When levels drop too low, wooden furniture can become dry and brittle, sometimes cracking and causing permanent damage. The same thing happens to wooden floorboards and cupboards, warping them.

Skin and Body Issues

Even staying in a home with subpar moisturer levels for a few days to a week can have noticeable effects on your body. Dry homes with low moisture levels create itchy skin, along with dry hair and brittle nails as time goes on; humid homes swing the other way, causing you to sweat and potentially increasing bacteria in pores.

Health and Humidity

Keeping up with your annual HVAC maintenance is important since it helps ensure that the moisture balance in your home remains optimal and your family remains healthy. Low humidity levels leave you feeling dry and parched with burning or itchy eyes, nose and throat. High humidity levels create a feeling of stickiness and often irritate those with allergies or asthma.

Biological Growth

When moisture in the air runs rampant, rising to levels above 60%, spores and biological growth crop up easily. Bacteria and fungi thrive in damp, humid environments, making your bathroom particularly susceptible to humidity-related growth.

Improving the humidity levels in your home often has a lot to do with improving indoor air quality. If you’re interested in our line of indoor air quality solutions, give us a call at Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling today.

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