UV air cleaners or air purifiers emit a type of ultraviolet light that’s normally blocked by the atmosphere. They can’t catch dust or smoke particles like air purifiers with filters, but they can reduce biological growth in your New Orleans, Louisiana, home. You can choose a coil sterilization light for your HVAC system’s indoor air handler or an air sterilization light for your ductwork. The light a UV air cleaner produces can kill many microorganisms or damage their DNA, preventing them from multiplying. A UV air cleaner will reduce illnesses, make maintenance easier, and help you save energy.

Fewer Illnesses

Viruses and bacteria cause colds, the flu, and many other illnesses. A UV air cleaner will keep these organisms from spreading through your home, improving your IAQ (indoor air quality), and preventing many infections in children and people who have chronic or severe health problems. UV air purifiers can also reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, rashes, eye irritation, sore throats, and other health issues.

Easier Maintenance

Less biological growth means your HVAC system’s air filter will work longer. You won’t need to change it or have your system’s ductwork cleaned as often, and you can save time and money. A UV air purifier can also help you keep your heater and air conditioner’s airflow high. It prevents bad smells and damage to your walls, carpeting, or furniture from biological growth.

Energy Savings

UV air cleaners do not need as much energy as conventional air purifiers with filters. To conserve energy, they turn on and off when your HVAC system’s fan does. A UV lamp can also help you lower your utility bills and prevent problems that could waste power and lead to excess wear and tear.

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