Originally published Dec. 19, 2019, updated January 11, 2022

As your HVAC system ages it will become increasingly prone to mechanical problems. Besides making your Kenner, Louisiana, home less comfortable while using more energy, a problematic system can also drive up your expenses by incurring high HVAC repair costs. Below are three things you can do to prevent costly HVAC repairs.

Replace the Filter Regularly to Help Avoid HVAC Repairs

All conditioned air that comes from your HVAC unit has to first pass through the air filter. If you have a dirty filter, your system works harder to deliver air to your indoor space, resulting in increased wear and tear. To minimize strain on your equipment and avoid costly repairs, you should make it a point to change your filter every three months. If you have furry pets in your home, you may have to replace your filter more frequently.

Clean the Area Around the Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor condenser is one of the most expensive components in your HVAC system, so it can be costly to repair if it malfunctions or breaks down. One thing you can do to keep your condenser in good condition is to keep the area around it clear. Remove any debris, objects, plants, or structures that are within three feet of the unit so that they won’t obstruct airflow. This will ensure that your condenser will be able to run smoothly without experiencing additional stress, which can lead to fewer repairs.

Get an Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan

Signing up for an annual HVAC maintenance plan is the best way to reduce the risk of mechanical failure. During a maintenance visit, the technicians will perform a wide range of tasks to ensure your HVAC system will be in good working condition, from changing the filter to cleaning the evaporator coil. In addition, they’ll thoroughly check your equipment for problems and fix them before they escalate into major issues that require expensive repairs.

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