Part of having a clean and comfortable home for you and your family this winter is including your home’s indoor air quality in your cleaning routine. Allergens and chemical particulates can accumulate in your house due to poor ventilation, among other factors. Use Caribbean Breeze Heating and Cooling’s services to freshen up your New Orleans, Louisiana, home, and help minimize your family’s allergy symptoms this winter.

Indoor Air Quality in the Winter

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by several issues, but one of the most common is inadequate ventilation. Unventilated homes can get stuffy, and the pathogens that would normally be released outdoors are trapped inside. If your home is heavily insulated, allergens can build up indoors. The physical side effects of living in an unventilated home include fatigue, headaches, and an itchy nose.

Other sources of indoor air pollution are cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and high humidity. Home renovations can also introduce allergen-inducing particles into the air when you use common construction materials such as compressed woods, solvents, and glues.

How to Combat Poor Indoor Air Quality

Take advantage of sunny days to fill your home with fresh air. Improving your indoor air quality can be as easy as opening the windows for 15 minutes and letting in a comfortable afternoon breeze.

As a homeowner, you can take measures to reduce dust accumulation. For example, one easy strategy is to change your furnace filters regularly. Filters can get clogged up with the same dirt that it’s working to remove. Neglecting these filters can cause pollen, soot, and pet dander to become airborne.

Another simple way to clean the air in your home and improve your indoor air quality is to purchase an air purifier. This chemical-free air cleaner is quiet and will quickly remove toxic air particles and allergens.

If you’re interested in solutions for your indoor air quality issues, call Caribbean Breeze Heating and Cooling at (504) 517-7595. Our team of HVAC experts will be more than happy to help you.

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