Grinding. Clanking. Hissing. Having a noisy HVAC can point to a number of different problems, many of which need to be addressed quickly. If your Southshore, LA home’s HVAC is making strange noises, here are the three most common reasons why.

Bad Belt or Bearing

A bad belt or bearing tends to produce the most dramatic sounds. If these system components aren’t performing right, either due to failing parts, poor lubrication, or loose parts, you’ll end up with a loud, unpleasant screeching noise. Luckily, belts and bearings are typically inexpensive and easy to replace. However, if left alone for too long, you may end up with much bigger problems on your hand as these issues compound quickly.

Internal Debris

Debris can get into your system from multiple points, whether its a gap in your ductwork or a poorly fitting filter. If you’re getting debris in your system, it may sound like a rattling or clanging sound, depending on how big the debris is. For example, a loose screw will produce a metallic rattle.

An easy way to prevent debris from getting into your system is by ensuring that your filter fits correctly and that you’re changing it regularly. In addition, getting your ductwork checked may also help detect any leaks that can let in unwanted items.

Motor Failure

One of the most major issues your HVAC can face is a motor failure. This can be due to many things, from age to poor upkeep. If your motor is failing, you may hear a persistent, loud buzzing noise. The buzzing is caused by excess vibration as your system works hard to overcome the shortcomings of its motor. While sometimes it can be the symptom of something else, if you hear buzzing, you want to contact a professional to take a look before disaster strikes.

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