Your air conditioning system provides relief from the hot and humid summers in Harvey, LA. In order to avoid any disruptions to your comfort, it’s important to schedule a maintenance visit for your air conditioning system. Consider these top reasons why now is the right time for an AC tune-up before the hot summer temperatures arrive.

Increase Energy Efficiency

A dirty air filter could lower your air conditioner’s energy efficiency by 15 percent, states the Department of Energy. During a maintenance visit, we replace the air filter. For optimal energy efficiency, we recommend that you change the filter every 90 days or sooner if it’s dirty. Our technicians can show you how to do this between tune-ups. We also clean the coils and fins, giving an additional boost to the efficiency of your air conditioner. Keeping up with maintenance could save you significantly on cooling costs this summer.

Improve Comfort

Keeping up with regular air conditioning maintenance ensures that your whole home will enjoy consistent comfort throughout the whole summer season. We check the refrigerant level, which determines the system’s effectiveness at cooling. We also clean the condensate drain. Biologic growth and muck can build up in the drain, reducing the air conditioner’s ability to control indoor humidity. A plugged condensate line can also cause your AC to blow only warm air. Our technicians check the air ducts and air blower controls and verify proper air flow to your rooms.

Identify Small Problems

During an AC tune-up, every part of your air conditioner is inspected. Our technicians identify small issues, such as a worn hose, loose connection or loss of lubrication. We can fix those small issues now and prevent your air conditioner from breaking later in the summer. Fixing small issues now saves you money on the cost of emergency AC repairs. Our maintenance services also extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

To learn more about the importance of AC maintenance and how it benefits your home, check out Caribbean Breeze Heating & Cooling’s AC maintenance services, or call us for additional information.

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